Exciting, Unique Experiences Only for IUSD Families

IPSF and See America Travel are partnering to offer K-8th grade IUSD students and their families an exciting, unique experience by providing a new, enriching program that no other school district offers.

“IPSF always strives for excellence in education by facilitating a number of innovative programs.”
– IUSD Superintendent

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together groups of families with children who either attend the same school or belong to the same school district and enhance their learning outside the classroom. Music, Native American themed songs, dances, and performances, along with other forms of art, will be incorporated in our tours. Children will gain valuable experience and knowledge that they can apply in the future. We are shaping well-rounded future citizens by teaching children to discover and respect the nature preserved in our National Parks.

More than just vacations, our tours are life changing experiences that will enrich you and your family with new perspectives and open up new horizons.

“The trip was very organized and informative. I loved that every day we were doing something different as a family, learning something and seeing beautiful places. What a memorable experience.”
“We had such an amazing trip. This was a trip that we will never forget and our kids talk about it weekly!”
“Can’t say enough about how organized the trip was. So many activities planned and even the bus ride was made fun with movies, games, trivia, history, etc.”

Enjoy your kids now while they're still young, curious and eager to experience and learn from nature and their parents.

Like everybody says, they grow up so fast!

Now is the time.

Empower your family with deep, lasting, unique emotions. Take this opportunity with your children to experience famous landmarks together that most of us only read about in school.

We are creating an opportunity for families to experience the wonders of our country together as one.

Availability is limited so don’t miss out!

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